Estigen OÜ manufactures cutting-edge biomedical research equipment. Recently, Estigen added tissue microarray equipment developed by Beecher Instruments to its product lineup.

Manual and automated tissue microarray instruments and accessories are available to match customer needs in various application areas.

Tissue microarrays (TMAs) have become a common method for efficient management of tissue samples. For more general background about TMA application areas, visit our TMA information pages and links for key references to scientific publications involving tissue arrays.

Estigen technical support pages contain troubleshooting guides and tips for making and using tissue microarrays.

Punches for manual and automated arrayers...
Depth Stop Kit enables simple control of the length of the tissue core...
Recipient Block Holder construct additional arrays concurrently from the same set of donor blocks...
Recipient Block Indexer - rotating recipient block holder holding 4 blocks at a time...

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