Manual Tissue Arrayer MTA-1
Automated Tissue Arrayer ATA-27
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Estigen OÜ manufactures cutting-edge tissue microarray equipment developed by Beecher Instruments.


Manual and Automated Tissue Arrayers are available to match customer needs in various application areas.

Manual Tissue Arrayer MTA-1

The Manual Tissue Arrayer MTA-1 allows for relatively easy construction of tissue microarrays (TMAs) with several hundred specimens.

The Manual Tissue Arrayer MTA-1 is the entry-level equipment necessary to start up a productive TMA facility. It is an affordable, manually operated high-precision arraying equipment. Skilled users can create arrays with more than 500 samples per slide with this unit.

Automated Tissue Arrayer ATA-27

The Automated Tissue Arrayer ATA-27 is designed for fast, accurate and reliable construction of high-density tissue microarray blocks.

The Automated Tissue Arrayer ATA-27 is intended for laboratories requiring higher throughput in array production. It eliminates the tedious manual punching procedure from array construction workflow. After planning and designing the array layout using dedicated software, ATA-27 creates array blocks automatically using robotics to measure block heights, retrieve donor tissue cores, create holes in paraffin matrix and deposit tissue cores into holes.


Four different punch sizes are designed to control tissue array core size. Accessory items provide manual tissue array user with tools to manage punching depth and allow simultaneous construction of multiple array blocks.


Guides and tips for making and using tissue microarrays.

Get more information on general background, key references to scientific publications and frequently asked questions involving tissue arrays.

Learn more about different features of Estigen tissue arrayers.

Properties of different punch sizes will assist in deciding which punch size to use.

Troubleshooting guide for MTA-1 provides guidance tips for making and using tissue microarrays.