Mexican quartet Quiero Club’s career has been characterized by a neat string of visuals to accompany their quirky electro-pop singles. We’re taking a look at some of the best male Gospel singers of past and present. While the classics are great, I want to listen to more modern stuff. And even though Annie thanks Palomo for finding her by putting a burst of bullets through his chest, this video is the opposite of a tragedy; it’s the most successful marriage of Palomo’s musical and filmmaking selves to date. The top male vocalists of the '50s, '60s, and '70s are a diverse bunch. Out of over 24 clips, this one still stands out for its unique location and introspective feeling, giving us a look at the close shaves given in this Dominican barbershop in the heart of the city. It's a great playlist if you're having a party. Both the song and the video were playing on a loop in our studio for days, and, to us, it’s the indisputable winner of the year. It’s not the first clip to make use of our technological stream of consciousness (Fat Tony’s “Hood Party” and Lyrical School’s “Run and Run” also come to mind when it comes to extended screen grab magic) but it certainly makes good use of the format. Among the wonderfully mismatched footage we find the album’s cover art come to life, as well as images of live shows and some tight street dancing. Welcome to GAZI was one of my favorite albums this year, and this dreamy video is a nice pause on the frenetic rhythm of the Internet today. –Tomás Peña of Spanish production company MANSON. This video situates us in an unfamiliar place, but it makes us feel at every second – emotions as opposite as hatred and love, which are expressed in the use of shadows and the strained contrast between the passionate red and bluish white light. Still, past the crude, somewhat misogynistic nature of the clip, there lies a sort of creative genius and self-assurance required to release a music video about eating pussy on a messaging app. –Jorge Courtade,, Maybe this is the most realistic video on this list, because — not to be depressing — we spend more time looking at our phones? J Balvin feat. Carlos Santana 1971 classic - Oye como va - Listen how's is going. Many of the rock 'n roll heavyweights owe a debt to Elvis Presley, but Elvis himself owed a debt to the R&B, gospel and country singers who influenced him. Find out the Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers. The Angeleno rockers of (you guessed it) Mexican descent share their vision with director Bernabé Bolaños to create a visual world that experiments with papier mâché and typography. The artists in the following tables are listed in order of their claimed sales. So here’s a list of the top most recent French songs from 2015 and 2016. This year, they surprised their following with the release of one-off single “Teorías,” a breezy instant anthem with an unlikely organic feel. Please, you mean you spend more time looking at their IG pics, which is exactly what Agorazein madrileño rapper C. Tangana has the unseen protagonist doing in this video. The song is an homage to Puerto Rican salsa romántica icon Frankie Ruiz titled after his nickname, and the clip is set in one of the island’s most storied and palatial hourly sex motels. The mixtape features 24 local musicians and video artists compiled to make over an hour of pure Costa Rican goodness. The music video finds brown people of different shades and walks of life staring directly into the camera and the audience’s eyes. Seven Latin Grammys, one Grammy and over 50 million records sold, he has become a cultural icon in Latin America, the quintessential charro (cowboy) 2. We’re fans of both his music and his videos, and “Comix” is like a five-and-a-half-minute massage for the eyes. On. 4 "Mi Tierra" by Gloria Estefan By the time Gloria Estefan released her Spanish album Mi Tierra in 1993, she had already … So, here they are, the Top Catholic Music Artists of 2016, chosen by you, ordered by country:. –Jhoni Jackson, I think Princess Nokia is a genuine artist who makes spot-on portraits of the realities women face;  [she gives] her videos a special vitality and force. –Zai Najera, stylist and content art director, For us, the video en español of the year couldn’t go to anyone other than El Guincho. Pharrell & BIA, "Safari" Balvin's "Safari" is the kind of song that you don't get tired of … “When you reach that point you can’t help but self destruct,” they write. Pages in category "Spanish male singers" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 211 total. "Within Regional Mexican, Norteño and Sierreño sounds edge out Banda for the most representation this year.". The song not only quickly became the Mexican singer's signature '90s single, but gave traditional societal standards for women a big middle finger. Getty Images Music Here Are 18 Of The Most Influential Latino Rappers In Hip-Hop In no particular order. –Cheky, At their best, music videos introduce an artist to the world in their brightest mode. Sometimes you have to burn down the past entirely before you can move forward. Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler was born in Madrid, Spain, to Spanish singer Julio Iglesias and Spanish-Filipino socialite Isabel Preysler. If two or more artists have the same claimed sales, they are then ranked by certified units. That linger over Rosalía’s SnapChat? Ritchie Valens, a pioneer of the Spanish-speaking rock and roll movement Andrew Velasquez , lead vocals for post-hardcore band, Crown the Empire Julieta Venegas , singer-songwriter [5] "Ginza," another track by J Balvin, received over 3.3 million thumbs up on Pandora, making this hit song number one on Pandora's list. She’s not someone willing to play it safe with a pretty, innocuous image; rather, she’s a musical force who expertly weaves antiquity and modernity while revealing every gory part of herself. In it, the life story of a chamana unravels as she makes her way through striking landscapes and extreme weather conditions to the promised land of Tenochtitlan, when she sees the prophecy of Huitzilopochtli come true. That’s exactly what we see play out in the video for “Easy,” which is anything but easy to watch – in a good way. Rob Markman 10/03/2014. In all her quirkiness, the half Costa Rican and half Peruvian New Jersey native Sarai Isaura González is uncompromisingly proud, and has earned the Colombian electro-cumbia act’s anthem of self-confidence from their 2015 album Amanecer more than 9 million views (and counting) on YouTube since it debuted in September. Dark and cloudy, bright and breezy. From the white tiger backdrop to the heart-shaped tub, overabundance of mirrors and what we’re pretty sure is some kind of sex machine chair, the video is shamelessly sensual, regally raunchy — and totally befitting of an ode to Ruiz, who built his career on putting erotica and sexscapades to song. ", "Additionally, Regional Mexican music continues to be a driving force on Pandora, with the genre providing over two thirds of the entrants on the list," stated Juárez. –Alan Lopez (aka Boncker), art director. –Jorge Courtade, As “Catalina” ends, it follows a chant from “El testamento gitano” with a distinct processed sound, which gives us the sensation of being in the room. It’s no surprise that this video nabbed the top spot on our list: Who didn’t love watching the empowered 11-year-old star of this video rule a New York City block, repeatedly shutting down haters as she unabashedly flaunts her idiosyncratic style? The video explores the relationship of pre-Hispanic people to natural and supernatural worlds – once one and the same – and the mysticism of their earthly presence. But I’m choosing to highlight [Alex Anwandter’s] desire and ability to produce a well-rounded piece, which enhances the audiovisual quality of this music – something it definitely deserves. Between 2007-2015 he recorded at least one album a year, often collaborating with various other artists, while also illustrating comics on the side. –Caitlin Donohue, The reason I’m picking this video is because the color palette is very good, plus it was recorded with different cameras and the change in quality isn’t very noticeable. The success of Neon Indian’s triumphant 2015 comeback album VEGA INTL. –Caitlin Donohue, Few artists have committed to making ambitious and tremendously well-made videos like jazz rap trio The Guadaloops. provides music charts with hot hits from all over the world, like US / UK Albums and Singles, Bilboard Chart, Dance charts and more. Follow NBC Latino on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. “La Muerte De Todo Lo Nuevo” invites the viewer on a CGI journey through reflective spheres, orbiting vertebrae and rows of the damned, their molten souls trapped in a shadowy red dimension. Hot. Then, at the end, things go white – almost as if covered in ash like an effigy. Directed by Alan Palomo himself, the artist achieved a new level of visual accomplishment here, delivering a video that threads together the world he created on the album through clever references, and enhances it with his absurd sense of humor. The light/dark, good times/bad times dichotomy is a running theme for The Guadaloops, and here, the contrasting washes of color drive it home. Undoubtedly, Music helps in expressing your feelings well. If you like French music then you can also check our list of top 100 French songs you need to hear at least once. Director Horror.vacui (aka Alberto de Miguel) thought through some intricacies of the Internet to make this piece, a welcome sight as we all struggle to comprehend the ways our excessive usage of technology is affecting our grey matter. The way certain news follows us from app to app as we surf? to make his top 40 entrance with a … TOP TALENT brings you 5 OF THE GREATEST MALE SINGER auditions from Got Talent, X Factor & Idols! In the context of the track’s elongated synths and Raquel Berrío’s high-octave, whispered vocals, the whole thing becomes a giddy fantasy, one that revels in its over-the-top, kitschy naughtiness, completely guilt-free. This is a list of notable Spanish artists born after 1800.. For artists born before this year, see List of Spanish artists (born 1300–1500) and List of Spanish artists (born 1500–1800) –Julyssa Lopez, My favorite video of the year is this monochromatic audiovisual piece for A.CHAL’s “Round Whippin’,” directed by Max Vatblé. IE 11 is not supported. La Arrolladora Banda El Limon de Rene Camacho. The scope is so grand that it could qualify as one of the best shorts in recent memory – in little more than five minutes it unpacks history, ritual, and revelation. In Urquieta’s vision, what lies ahead is discordant and bleak, but it also has a certain unsettling beauty. Spanish indie pop band Extraperlo get lost in the supermarket in the sickeningly clever video for “Chill Aquí,” the title track of their 2016 album. The video was helmed by Txema Yeste for Folch Studio. “Teorías” reveals itself more and more with each viewing. ", The music streaming service Pandora recently released their Top 25 Most Popular Latin Songs for 2016. 1. His quest finds him dealing with a hilarious police interrogation and telepathic communication via a talk show, all of it rendered in a late 80s-style, complete with heavy VHS filtering. The messaging app brings together parents, friends, and sexters from the furthest corners of the globe on a single platform. Lil Yachty, "Broccoli" Leave it to Big Baby D.R.A.M. A true legend of the Spanish music world, Joaquín Sabina has been active as a musician since the 1970s when he returned from political exile in London. Download as PDF and watch all the videos of the chart. For chapter two, the teen emcee took the plot a step forward; he not only wilds with the pretty girls cruising past him in nice cars, but also eventually gets revenge on the class system. –Enciclopedia Color, music video director, After tracking near the front of Chile’s industrial scene for some time now, this Santiago producer swung through late 2016 with an eponymous EP that neatly outlined our apocalyptic fears of the future. They struck gold again this year with “Nunca Es Tarde,” a clip that will surely be played in the Video Vanguard Award montage the group deserves in the long run. He was 66. 2016 In Review December 15, 2016 3:20 PM By Chris DeVille. “Black Lipstick” runs the gambit. –Beatriz Sánchez, freelance director, MC Bin Laden posse member MC Brinquedo has grown up a little since unleashing the first installation of “Roça Roça,” whose video told the story of a young farm laborer who is adopted by the party kids. Sometimes empowerment means politics, but sometimes those politics are the creation of your own aesthetic – one accented with a healthy lack of fucks. This video evades pretensions, [it has] no styling nor locations; just a whole lot of simplicity and purity. Roberto Carlos Lange and Martin Allais teamed up to direct this powerful visual, which ended up resonating with many fans in the aftermath of the events of November 9. We recommend you to check other playlists or our favorite music charts. Off. The following is an independently list of best-selling Latin music artists with claimed record sales of 15 million or more. After a year that sparked conversation on the role that female reggaeton artists play in women’s movements, “Chupa Chupa” comes off as a clear answer. He was eight years old when he moved to the U.S., and at the age of 15, secretly began writing music. Urquieta and his team employ the animation not so much for the “ooo” factor, or to capitalize on the internet aesthetic, as much as to build a lasting and specific vision of purgatory. It’s a minimalist video, really, but a striking work of art. Presented in his now signature square format, “Teorías” is an outstanding collage of gorgeous images that have a tangible, handmade feel, full of ripped edges and stop-motion-like effects. –Jorge Courtade. Home; News. Spain Top 20 on Top40 Charts. Incredible singing voices Are they the best?! –Kokos Ackee of Ackee Films & La Vendición Records, This clip for Monte, gracefully shot and edited by Cristóbal Serrá Jorquera, was a crowd favorite and perfect way to end the video mixtape we put together this year over at Super Legítimo. Since listening to famous Spanish music is fun, this is easier than it sounds! Let Brinquedo play, though. LatinContent/Getty Images Dec. 20, 2016… VICENTE FERNANDEZ The King of Ranchera Music and without a doubt the greatest living Mexican singer. Here’s an inside look at the best videos of the year. In an era when superproductions fight to show off their perfection, makeup, and flashiness, there’s another world – which to me is more real – of music, effect, and ideas. If you enjoyed listening to this one, maybe you will like: 1. We’re taking a look at some of the best male Gospel singers of past and present. It's clear what fans like: “The continued popularity of reggaeton is apparent—it has essentially become the de facto Latin pop genre of the year," Pandora's Lead Latin Curator, Marco Juárez, stated. 1. There’s very good lightning used on set, and it was edited well to the rhythm of the music. Colombian artist J Balvin, topped the charts on both Youtube and iTunes with his first-ever Latin single to hit 100 million views in just one month with "Bobo. Washed in red and blue lighting, the trio surrenders to excess, the consequences of which become evident at the video’s end. I like the color processing, the aesthetics drawn from classic Argentine cinema, and the resemblance to zombies. As the Baroque audiovisual creator I am, I flip when I find video directors who – with minimal resources – manage to give you goosebumps and keep your eyes glued to a video for over two minutes (sustained attention that is harder to achieve with each passing day). When we watch her stroll through the streets past side-eye giving detractors, serenading them with an unsolicited recorder sesh, when we see her show up break dancers, unasked and uninvited — these are moments that remind us of when we were younger, before insecurities began eating away at our sense of self-worth. Click on up and down arrows to affect item's ranking Add item. Some call it underground, outsider…I don’t really know. Shakira The song warns the listener about a woman with a greedy take on love – a “capitalist with affection.” Just as Chicano Batman’s funky, breezy guitar playing strikes a contrast to “Black Lipstick”’s sober take on love, Bolaño’s juxtaposition of scratchy primary colors and the floating black lips speaks to the conflicting emotions that often come along with young love – emotions that are frequently at odds with one another. CANADA. Los Plebes del Rancho de Ariel Camacho, often referred to as Los Plebes del Rancho, is a Mexican Sierre?o musical group from Sinaloa. Why is this important? D.R.A.M. Are we in heaven or in hell? At least that was the takeaway from the music video he released for the album’s relatively soft first track. J Balvin of Colombia performs at the stage during the show Juntos en Concierto VIII at Jockey Club on November 25, 2016 in Lima, Peru. In the Chico Sonido-directed clip, Jorgeline Andrea Torres and her phalanx of babes rock wide mesh and fun fur looks that call up images of 1990s MTV (a professed influence of Torres, who also makes clothes), as well as an array of lo-tech graphic effects that would make any old school dancehall fan happy. It was a night to remember, with artists new and old coming together for a live show overflowing with Latino pride. Matt Maher Night School bled into 2016 with the release of the music video for its first single, “Annie,” our seventh favorite song of 2015. For its music video, they tapped post-production master Guillermo Llamas Altamirano, who has previously worked with Carla Morrison, Mariel Mariel, and Andrés Landon, among others. –Beverly Bryan, If we are to believe finding balance is key to a prosperous life, then for every thought-provoking, verbose song you post on Facebook, there is a song like PXXR GVNG’s “Tu Coño Es Mi Droga.”. A cut from Hinds‘ debut full-length Leave Me Alone,“Easy” dropped in May with a note from the Madrid band about its meaning. –Jhoni Jackson. In her old-fashioned, Gothic-style kitchen, Cabra stands over a table of lush foods that look like they were painted by Giuseppe Archimboldo during a hunger strike. Each of her gestures becomes a portrait of surrealism: she chops up a Baroque keepsake box as it transforms into a fleshy head of purple cabbage; she rips off her eyelashes and watches them flake away into grains of salt. González had never acted before; she won the part based on her failing self-assurance, prompting Kjelstrup to ultimately build the whole video around her.