Children’s Author. One of the challenges I find most difficult about working with children is hearing some of the traumatic experiences they have gone through at such a young age. A Sonographer’s career is the ultimate choice for baby lovers. She specializes in the treatment of mental health disorders in children ages three and up. They offer a wide array of services to their patients, including administering required immunizations, performing school physicals, prescribing medications, and providing developmental screenings. This involves administering first aid, distributing over-the-counter medicines and offering medical advice. A baby photographer specializes in taking pictures of babies and newborn infants. Elementary school counselors help young children develop the key skills they need to use throughout their educational careers—such as self-management, decision making, social, and study skills. Also, special education teachers prepare students for a smooth transition from one grade to the next, so they can successfully handle life inside and outside of the classroom. If so, being a children’s author could be your calling. I also find that sometimes it can be challenging working with high conflict or divorced parents that don’t see how their behavior towards each other is affecting their children. New working with children careers are added daily on 15 Standout Careers Working with Children There are many ways that people can apply their interest in working with children to a career path, whether they want to work in education, psychology, medicine, or another field. They are responsible... 2. or Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT). Their duties include providing wound care, scoliosis screenings, medications, CPR, and mental health treatments. These jobs range from treating children for … It’s such a joyful experience when you hear a child say they no longer worry about the thing that brought them to therapy, or to hear a parent say, “Thank you for helping my child succeed.”. Middle school and high school teachers usually teach one subject to students in different grades. Primary duties: School cafeteria workers prepare and serve food to students. These nursing professionals support school districts by working with children when they experience an injury or illness at school. Babies have a tendenancy to warm your heart. Note: Salary, job growth, and other career details are based on information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s Occupational Outlook Handbook. In order to ensure that the children they work with are safe, they investigate abuse and neglect claims, provide assessments, conduct home visits to check on the welfare of the children, and make arrangements to have them removed from the home if needed. How to become a children's nurse, neonatal nurse, or mental health or learning disabilities nurse specialising in working with children. I would recommend volunteering in a local child advocacy center or children’s center if possible, to see if this something you ultimately want to pursue. Nannies care for babies and children in their own home or in the family's home. In addition, they assist students who come from families that need services like food stamps and housing. Child care center owner or worker. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. Working with children can sometimes be chaotic and you have to be able to effectively juggle many tasks at once. These teachers promote physical fitness among children by giving them the chance to participate in activities such as basketball, swimming, volleyball, aerobics, running, gymnastics and dance. They may also lead tours of the museum for school trips. You can’t succeed in these jobs if you expect all children to have the same skills, needs, and personality. Teacher's aide. If you love the idea of working with children, then apply for one of the jobs listed above or learn about other cool jobs where you work with kids on Added to this, a special set of skills and qualifications are also necessary in order to be able to deal properly with the infants. For more information check out her website at Aspiring teachers often work as teacher's aides to gain practical experience in the classroom. In order to do this, they create and manage class schedules, develop and implement a classroom curriculum, discipline students, and order supplies. Primary duties: Occupational therapists help their patients with physical mobility and balance. Big Brothers Big Sisters vs. Primary duties: Pediatric dental assistants are responsible for assisting dentists with dental procedures. Thanks to preschool teachers, early learners become familiar with letters, numbers, colors, and shapes, as well as play and problem-solving skills. Primary duties: Nutritionists provide advice and expertise regarding nutrition and healthy eating. She is co-owner of Mind Works Clinical and Counseling Psychology, a private practice for children and families in San Antonio, Texas. In addition, camp counselors keep children safe during emergencies, such as fires, and are trained to provide first aid and CPR. Enroll in an online CE to see if this is something that interests you and something you can see doing for a long time. She is co-owner of Mind Works Clinical and Counseling Psychology, a private practice for children and families in San Antonio, Texas. Assistant Educator. This includes capturing photos of newborns, conducting family photoshoots and taking senior portraits. Follow these five guidelines to narrow in on the best. In any job search, you have to sort through many job postings to find the ones that are right for you. Teaching jobs can have different work schedules, salaries and requirements depending on the job's description and location. Working through issues of grief and loss, and abuse and neglect can sometimes be emotionally draining. Some child-focused careers offer comfortable middle-class salaries, and many face impressive opportunity growth in the coming years. Try it today. Primary duties: Principals are school officials who are responsible for managing teachers, interacting with parents and disciplining students. Neonatal nurses specialize in working with newborn babies who are premature, may have birth defects or... Doula: This is a high-pressure position that requires professionals to maintain comprehensive files on their clients and communicate effectively in volatile situations. They admit sick babies to the hospital and oversee their medical care. Child psychologists often meet with and talk to children who are exhibiting behavioral problems or who have experienced some sort of mental trauma. Licensed Professional Counselor & Registered Play Therapist. The most rewarding part about being a play therapist is being able to positively affect change in a child’s life. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics outlines the important qualities of careers working with young children, including quality interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to make good decisions for both the professional and the child. As a result, workers need to be flexible and effective at thinking on their feet. Child welfare social workers help children who are in dire and dangerous situations, such as those who live in abusive or neglectful households. In addition, physical education teachers may provide instruction on health-related topics, such as sex education, drug prevention, personal safety, and nutrition. Primary duties: Pediatricians are primary care doctors for underage patients. National average salary: $52,832 per year. Teacher's aides typically do not have to meet the same educational requirements as licensed teachers. Primary duties: Nannies are responsible for caring for and supervising children. Volunteering can also be a great way to test the waters to see if a career working with children could be a good fit. Dozens of interesting occupations involve providing for and interacting with children. They use a range of practices and tools to help their patients learn to speak clearly. Museum professionals who work for children's museums often provide educational material for the museum's visitors. In addition, some pediatric medical assistants may be able to provide medication or injections, depending on what their state legally allows. Primary duties: Daycare directors own and operate a daycare business from their homes or a secondary location. Positions for preschool and childhood center directors are expected to grow faster than the national average of all professions because the number of children under the age of five is projected to increase in the coming years. In some cases, people who want to contribute to the development of children prefer to do so on a volunteer basis, rather than devoting their career to this kind of work. I began to learn about the importance of early intervention and treatment and began to explore the educational requirements for becoming a play therapist. They also are responsible for reporting any signs of abuse. Nanny. Primary duties: The responsibilities of a pediatric dental hygienist include performing preliminary examinations, cleaning teeth and preparing underage patients to meet the pediatric dentist. It involves dealing with babies at the very beginning of their lives. Check out Kidzworlds Top 10 list of careers that will help you help out kids in need. Elementary school teachers typically teach a variety of subjects to children on the same grade level. For more information check out her website at If you choose to pursue a career working with them, you have to be able to keep your composure in stressful situations, as well as during emergencies. 9. Our JobCenter is totally free and easy to use. This involves visiting the family's home, interviewing the children and discussing any issues with the parents or guardians. Explore careers. A bachelor’s degree and teaching license is the minimum threshold to teach special education in public school. If you can’t put on your best poker face, it’s going to cause problems. In addition to basic self-care tasks, these professionals work with children to develop social and play skills by participating in crafts and board games. The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. Most schools only provide lunch, although in some cases, schools provide breakfast or afternoon snacks. Job duties include taking vital signs, getting patient history and keeping medical records up to date, scheduling appointments, and assisting with examinations. In addition, some child psychologists conduct research and publish their findings in academic journals. They often own their own practices and work independently. See if a career working with children is right for you, explore some of the most popular jobs and industries where kids come first, and get a first-hand account of what it’s like to work with children in our expert interview. These professionals generally work with patients on an ongoing, longer-term basis that school psychologists do and their duties include conducting clinical interviews, working with parents to create the best treatment plan for the child, and observing patient behavior. If you like working with children, especially babies, then there are several careers out there that you might find fulfilling. This involves helping students to find and check out books and assisting them with school projects. Jobs with babies: 17 great career options to work with infants 1. Children's nurses work with children of all ages, while neonatal nurses focus specifically on newborn babies – for example those born prematurely. They also use their observations of students to help contribute to the curriculum a school develops, which ensures that students’ academic and developmental needs are met in the classroom. She is passionate about helping children and families succeed and receive the best care and support possible. They examine patients, diagnose illnesses and prescribe medicines. This can involve working in a gymnasium, recreation center, public pool or sports field. Although you will be trained on the best practices of your profession, you will have to tailor what you know to individual children. When you have an opportunity to work in a field that pays you well while you get to do what you love, you should not pass up the opportunity. Relating to children is nothing like relating to adults. One of the most common job areas involving work with children is education. Volunteering with children can include spending free time tutoring children, assisting with an after-school program, or babysitting young children at a church. She actively engages others in the profession by providing supervision and mentorship. Pediatric nurse practitioners deliver primary and preventive care to children. However, jobs working with children are available in other, less obvious industries such as law, leisure, sport and tourism and public services and administration, where you could become a family lawyer, sports coach or children's librarian respectively. Allied Health Assistant. Art Therapist. A few of the many tasks they perform are diagnosing illnesses, treating medical conditions, and prescribing medication. When looking for jobs or work experience it … Here are five careers involving babies that you can pursue. Easily apply to jobs with an Indeed Resume, 3 Habits That Could Increase Your Chances of Getting the Job. Here are 30 common job titles that include working with kids: Primary duties: School cafeteria workers prepare and serve food to students. They collect and present evidence, argue their clients' cases and negotiate deals with the prosecution team. One of the greatest things about choosing a child-related profession is that you have the opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of the kids, particularly those who may be vulnerable, at-risk, or in need of assistance. There are many ways that people can apply their interest in working with children to a career path, whether they want to work in education, psychology, medicine, or another field. The following list highlights some … They may prep patients, operate robotic surgical equipment, provide tools and materials to the surgeon, and assist patients in recovery. Primary duties: Family counselors provide therapy for families of a variety of structures and sizes. She is also a strong advocate in her profession and volunteers her time on her state board as the Secretary for The Texas Association for Play Therapy. If you are on the search for a medical career, consider one of the above careers to help babies get the best start in life. In order to do this, school social workers conduct assessments on students who are having frequent absences, are the victims of bullying, are suffering from depression or suicidal ideation, or exhibiting aggressive behavior. Helping young patients and prescribing the correct medications can help change lives. Besides being a doctor, you can also pursue careers working with children by being a kind nurse. The main duty of an infant massage therapist is to help premature babies to develop musculus strength as the lack of it can lead to the movements’ issues. Librarians enforce a set of rules to make sure the library remains a quiet and safe environment for studying. Primary duties: These childcare and education professionals are often responsible for... 3. Cafeteria worker. Primary duties: School superintendents are responsible for overseeing all the schools in a particular district. Children are filled with creativity and imagination, so in order to work well with them, you should be able to channel to the carefree, childlike part of yourself. Self-care is very important to me. Most nannies are hired by working parents who need someone to supervise, feed and entertain their children during work hours. Primary duties: Cosmetologists are responsible for cutting, coloring and styling hair. But you do need to be certain that you want to work with children because many of the classes in your program of study and working towards becoming a play therapist will be geared towards child and adolescent mental health disorders. We are aware that individuals are misrepresenting themselves as Save the Children recruiters by falsely advertising Save the Children job openings, using our companys name and corporate information. There is a health care team that works with premature infants as they grow. Nutritionists also examine children to make sure they are well-fed and developing properly. A pediatrician is a highly-trained professional who works with children and babies in hospital and office settings. Children are unpredictable, so working with them requires the ability to effectively handle unexpected situations that will inevitably arise. They ensure the residents are safe and administer discipline in response to misbehavior. 30 jobs that involve working with kids 1. They assist doctors by performing routine medical procedures and tests. Working with babies will leave you with a satisfactory feeling each day. Children are the future of our communities, so those who want to devote their career to shaping young minds and helping kids become productive adults have an extremely important and rewarding role to play. Angela Medellin is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist. Preschool through elementary education levels offer a variety of job opportunities. Primary duties: Juvenile justice attorneys represent minors in juvenile court cases. Working with Children May Be Right for You If …. They direct traffic and issue verbal instructions to protect the students as they walk to a bus stop or meet their parents in the parking lot. Careers working with children. Not taking things home with me at the end of the day is something that I continue to learn and grow into as my role of being a child therapist. As a result, the importance of these professionals is expected to grow in the community—whether they run preschools or childcare centers. Their duties... 3. Primary duties: Teacher's aides assist and support the primary teacher in a classroom. Though most of their time is... 2. Infant Teacher Infant teachers work with small children who are not yet ready to attend school. In addition, elementary school teachers communicate with parents about their child’s performance and give them guidance on what they can do at home to help the student. You will have frustrating days when you work with children, but you have to be able to hide it while you’re on the job. They are specially trained and certified to drive passenger vehicles. Pediatricians also educate parents on medical matters and refer patients to specialists. Primary duties: Recreation coordinators are responsible for organizing and scheduling activities for children at a recreational facility. Most common salary $ - Satisfaction. Help shape futures with a rewarding career working with kids. These habits can sometimes increase the chances of getting a positive response from employers. National average salary: $58,987 per year. sessions and teach classes on health and wellness. This is typically done in a studio but can also be done in homes and other locations/events. In most cases, infant massage therapists work with premature babies. A paediatrician is a medical doctor who specialises in treating children of all ages, from infants to teenagers. National average salary: $38,152 per year. A school principal works in an office within the school, often with an assistant principal or an administrative assistant. Primary duties: Juvenile corrections officers are responsible for supervising and transporting minors who have committed criminal offenses. They typically work in private practices or therapy facilities. They also interact with parents to provide information and advice regarding pediatric dental care. Be selective, organized and efficient when you're searching for a job. Indeed is not a career or legal advisor and does not guarantee job interviews or offers. In addition, these professionals work closely with teachers to ensure that they are effectively managing their classrooms, which may include observation and analysis, as well as the creation of professional development opportunities. Whether it’s teaching a toddler how to count or designing the latest kiddy trends, no matter how difficult or unprofitable it may seem, working with children is a reward in itself and anyone who’s lucky (and strong!) They may work in hospitals, clinics, private practices or other healthcare facilities. Primary duties: Social workers interact with and observe families to determine if they are providing a safe environment for the family's children. enough to have a career in it, is sure to find fulfilment. She actively engages others in the profession by providing supervision and mentorship. Working with children can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for many professionals. The low-stress way to find your next working with children job opportunity is on SimplyHired. By helping kids flourish, you can play a crucial role in giving them great head starts on all of the possibility and potential still ahead of them. You will have the privilege and honor of helping mothers see their children even before they are born. You’re not interested in lifelong learning. National average salary: $175,018 per year. Working with children can be fun and challenging, a perfect mix for people who love kids and are looking for a rewarding career. National average salary: $106,693 per year. In this article, we look at 30 jobs that involve working with children. Stay up-to-date with the latest education, training, and career trends. Primary duties: School bus drivers are responsible for transporting students to and from school by bus. They may also provide feedback on educational programs to ensure that children with special needs are getting classroom instruction that is appropriate for their specific challenges. A pediatric nurse specializes in working with children from birth to adolescence in clinics, hospitals, or doctors’ offices. She specializes in the treatment of mental health disorders in children ages three and up. National average salary: $53,877 per year. I find it truly rewarding when I get to be a part of the healing and growth process for children. The following list highlights some of the top careers working with children. School social workers act in concert with educators to ensure that students can thrive developmentally and academically. Nannies work either in their employer's home or in their own homes. Camp counselors care for children and help them make fun memories during their summer vacations. Pediatric occupational therapists help children with various issues, such as problems with motor skills, cognitive development, and sensory integration, develop the tools they need to perform daily activities. Primary duties: Family photographers frequently provide photography services to parents with children. High Paying Careers Working With Children. In other words, these specialists work to help premature babies to grow properly and become stronger. Whether patients need help coping with the loss of a parent or dealing with the day-to-day challenges associated with a mental illness, child psychologists perform assessments in order to determine what kind of help children need, execute the treatment plan, and adjust it as necessary. Do you have a great imagination? From helping special needs children to teaching elementary school to working in pediatric medicine, there are many different career paths where you can make a positive and lasting difference in children’s lives. Primary duties: Crossing guards are responsible for helping children safely cross the streets near a school. They are responsible for cooking the food, distributing it to the kids and cleaning the dishes after the meal. These workers provide care for children under the supervision of a pediatrician. They are also responsible for managing and adjusting the district's financial budget. Many states require a master’s degree such as a master’s in education (M.Ed.) Medical Careers That Involve Children Premature babies don’t often have the muscle strength they need. Boys & Girls Club. Preschool teacher. People in both of these roles are responsible for supervising the daily activities of teachers, hiring and onboarding all staff members, developing the programs teachers use to educate the children in their care, and handling the organization’s funds. There are over 69,112 working with children careers waiting for you to apply! Paediatrician. Learn more about what these professionals do every day, as well as how to train for these jobs and the salaries they command. A massage therapist for babies helps to … Early childhood teacher. Coaches often provide advice and recommendation letters for students who apply for athletic scholarships. Psychiatrists work with mental health patients, and child psychiatrists work specifically with children. They are responsible for setting the camp's schedule, hiring the staff, managing the budget and marketing the camp to parents. Although careers working with children can be incredibly rewarding, they aren’t for everybody. She is passionate about helping children and families succeed and receive the best care and support possible. During an average day, the camp director supervises camp activities to make sure all events take place safely. National average salary: $110,268 per year. They use a variety of tools and equipment to help children strengthen their muscles and increase their range of motion. After reading to her two girls, she was inspired to write a children’s book and has since written 15 books, one being a Caldecott winner and NY Times bestseller. In addition, school nurses help parents obtain health insurance as needed, create and maintain medical records, develop health education classes, and contact parents about emergencies or continuous illnesses. Sonography is a huge field with many roles. Music therapists use music to elicit emotional responses, help children to focus and encourage creativity. They are responsible for monitoring all events to ensure the participant's safety. If the environment is deemed unsafe, the social worker is responsible for relocating the children to another home. Did you know that you can search and apply for cool jobs like these on They enforce the school's rules, discuss students' behavior and performance with their parents and mediate any disagreements among the staff. National average salary: $87,965 per year. Through a combination of pedagogical expertise and empathy, these professionals create grade-appropriate lesson plans that teach reading, mathematics, and science; assign and grade homework; observe students to determine their strengths and weaknesses; and give students individual instruction as needed. A genuine love for children and a nurturing disposition are two of the attributes necessary for anyone wishing to work in a career that focuses on working with babies. Common careers with babies 1. Use the following guidelines to get a sense of whether kid-focused careers are a good match for you. They meet with parents and caregivers to help them encourage healthy eating habits in their children. Primary duties: School coaches manage and supervise the school's sports teams and athletic activities. 69,112 working with children jobs available. There are over 3,184 working with babies careers waiting for you to apply! Their duties include gathering and distributing supplies, helping students with their work and keeping the classroom organized. National average salary: $91,444 per year. Since preschool teachers are working with children during their first exposure to education, these professionals play a huge role in shaping their relationship to learning. In some cases, these scammers make fraudulent offers of employment to obtain personally identifiable information, such as a financial instituti… This includes serializing and organizing equipment, preparing the patient for the procedure and helping to administer basic treatments. Also, preschool teachers are responsible for helping children develop the social skills needed to get along with peers from diverse backgrounds, so they learn from a young age how to communicate with people from different races, religions, or cultures. There is a wide range of occupations available for those who wish to earn a living through caring for kids, although the majority are in the healthcare and education fields. Sort by A to Z. They work in hospitals and other therapy facilities. No matter which career you choose, it’s important that you keep your skills sharp and knowledge current when you’re working with children. Children (especially young children) tend to be active and boisterous, so you should also be energetic in order to keep up with them since they may have a hard time sitting still. Another fast-paced career that puts you at the frontline of medical services, surgical technologists work alongside surgeons in the operating room. Primary duties: Museum curators are responsible for collecting exhibits for museums and overseeing guest activities. Businesses sometimes offer franchise opportunities. Their clients frequently include children of all ages.