Manual Tissue Arrayer MTA-1

Product ID: MTA-1

The manual arrayer allows for relatively easy construction of tissue microarrays with several hundred specimens. Typical size of an array is ~500 cases.

Manual tissue arrayer MTA-I is the entry-level equipment necessary to start up a productive TMA facility. It is an affordable, manually operated high-precision arraying equipment. Skilled users can create arrays with more than 500 samples per slide with this unit.

Each manually operated tissue arrayer instrument is shipped with:

  • two pairs of punches with stylets, in size 0.6 mm diameter
  • one recipient block holder
  • one donor block bridge
  • operating manual containing detailed instructions for making tissue microarrays
  • tool set for adjusting the arrayer
  • add-on riser block feet to accommodate thicker recipient blocks
  • the manual arrayer has 1 year parts and labor warranty

See also arrayer feature comparison table for side-by-side listing of different properties of the automated and manual instruments. User skill and practice is required.

Manual Tissue Arrayer I
Speed (cores/hour): 
Default block capacity: 
Max block capacity: 
4 Note! with indexer RBH1 (optional)
Donor block height: 
3 cm

This product may not be available to all customers in all geographic locations. Please contact Estigen for further information.

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